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FX Teleport

FX Teleport is a unique and revolutionary DAW networking solution. From now on it's not only possible, but also very easy, to use as many computers as you want for your DAW. Just launch your favorite VST host on one machine and VST instruments and FX on the others, and enjoy working on your 'audio processing farm'.

Giga Teleport

Giga Teleport is a tool allowing to integrate one or more dedicated Giga Studio machines into DAW. The only connection between machines required for Giga Teleport is a local network, therefore no additional audio or MIDI interfaces on Giga Studio machines are necessary.

Giga VST Adapter

Giga VST Adapter is a tool allowing to use Giga Studio within any VST compatible host. GVA designed to work when both the VST host and Giga Studio are on the same computer. If you want to run Giga Studio on a separate machine, you will need to use Giga Teleport or FX Teleport. Check the comparision chart to see which one you need.

FX Freeze

FX Freeze is a tool, which will help you forget about CPU, RAM or poliphony shortage problems while working with VST instruments or FX.

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