FX Freeze

VST Instruments and VST Effects are supported


Before installing FX Freeze make sure your system fits the following requirements:

System requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • VST 2 compatible host (Cubase, Logic, etc.)
  • VST instruments or FX
    Hardware requirements depend on versions of Windows and host applications, but not lower than 300 MHz CPU, 64 MB RAM, 2 MB HD + HD space for frozen audio data.

    To install FX Freeze, start FXFreezeSetup.exe. Follow the wizard instructions. When all files have been written to your computer, the FXF Configure applet will launch (available from Start menu for further use). The FXF Configure applet is used to Install and Remove FXF VST wrappers - small applications accessible from your VST host as ordinary plug-ins and enabling you to freeze a plug-in being freeze-enabled.

    Using the "Add" and "Remove" keys, specify all paths to VST plug-ins you want to freeze. Select one of the VST paths as a place to install the VST wrappers. The folder must be accessible from your VST host.

    Wait for all the plug-ins to appear in the list at the left of the window, and then choose the plug-ins you plan to work with and click "Install". The FXF VST wrappers will be installed in the chosen VST folder. Note that you can freely move installed wrappers to any VST subfolder you like. Launch your VST host and check that it has scanned all the new plug-ins. Users of SONAR, Project 5 or any other DAW host without native VST support will have to launch VST DX Adapter or DirectXer in order to make all the new plug-ins available for the host.

    Now you will find special plug-ins named "plug-in name (z)" available in the VST menu of your host application. Those plug-ins are the FXF wrappers, which you use to launch the freeze-enabled plug-ins. At the first launch of the first Freeze-enabled plug-in first open the Option dialog and specify the path for temporary storing of frozen audio data using "Browse" key (note that the data may consume quite considerable disk space in case you're freezing large portion of your track) and click "Set as Default" key.

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