FX Freeze

VST Instruments and VST Effects are supported

Interface overview

Configure (Install Effects) applet
Freeze Header

Configure (Install Effects) applet

The FXF Configure applet is used to Install and Remove FXF VST wrappers (small applications accessible from your VST host as ordinary plug-ins and enabling you to freeze a plug-in being freeze-enabled).
1. List of your VST plug-ins.
2. List of FXF wrappers installed.
3. FXF Wrappers destination folder.
4. VST paths.

Freeze Header

1. Freeze key - white when not activated, flashing when in process of freezing a plug-in and blue when a plug-in is frozen.
2. Ultra-freeze key.
3. Status bar - shows the current state of FX Freeze.
4. File menu - use it to load/save fxp/fxb files.
5. Opens about dialog.
6. Options key - opens the settings dialog.
7. Mute, <Ctrl> - click to mute/unmute all FX Freeze plug-ins.
8. Solo - works among FX Freeze plug-ins.
9. Check it when bouncing (you do not need to do it in Cubase or Nuendo, since bounce mode for these hosts detected automatically).


1. VST Paths.
2. Increase the number of disk buffers if audio glitches occur.
3. Increase if you have a problem playing back frozen plug-ins.
4. Choose 'Above normal' or 'High' if you have audio glitches.
5. Allows to save CPU resources also in stop mode.
6. Allows to save CPU resources in unfrozen portions.
7. Playback offset - use it for shifting frozen track.
8. Remote Control settings (on/off, MIDI Control Change numbers)
9. Path to frozen plug-ins data, click "Browse" to change.
10. Makes the specified path default for all the other plug-ins.
11. Sets the specified path for all currently launched plug-ins.
12. Click to open "Add/Remove" wrappers (Configure applet).

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