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German Production Partner magazine, 11/03
Max has being undertaking a lot, and impressively shows with FX Teleport 1.0, that a single developer is able to revolutionize native distributed audio-processing. We can't think of a more economic and more efficient conception. (...) Great things have been achieved here, but the tasks in the pipeline seem not less. (...) We are curious, if Steinberg leaves this up to Max alone or if they recognize the signs of the time and nominate FX Teleport deservedly for VST System Link 2.0.

German KEYS magazine
In any case FX Teleport has all abilities to change the world of future audio computers.

German magazine c't, 21/03
The idea combines all advantages of MIDIoverLAN, VST-System-Link and Audio-over-Ethernet in one product. (...) All remote plug-ins are being opened just as local plugs within the VST-host and all settings get saved and recalled with the current arrangement. The lossless audio-transfer, the smart host-integration and - best of all - the saving of ASIO-peripherals and expensive licenses talled FXT lots of respect; a diversity of professional users already have nick-named FXT "The real VST-System-Link". (...). Even VST-compatible DSP-cards can get teleported to any desired VST-server. FXT will have it all: distributed, DSP-powered AND frozen.

Computer Music magazine, 11/03
The Holy Grail for computer-based studio users? A reason to jump off the processor upgrade path? Possibly. FX Teleport has certainly raised a few eyebrows, and it seems like it's going to make a big impact. (...) Having all your plug-ins permanently available to see and edit on the slave machine's monitor is a great idea, effectively giving you a two-screen setup. (...) It's steets ahead of the other options available to you, namely, System Link or a MIDI network.

Danny Lux, TV composer, CA, USA
This product has changed the way I work. It's wonderful!!!!!! No more soundcards or midi interfaces on the external computers. This has made a huge difference in how I work. For example, I run about 30 to 40 VSTi's on FXT machines (Kontakt, Halion, Xphraze, D'Cota, Discovery, Pro53, etc...) I keep my buffer on the RME at 256, and the latency on FXT machines feels fine for real time playing. I am using FXT on every project right now, including BOSTON PUBLIC, KAREN SISCO, and 10-8. You are a genius!!! Originally I set it up with 7 computers daisy chained via firewire, but the latency drifts after a few minutes and was driving me crazy. I have switched to Gigabit LAN and it works like a dream.

Leon Willett, composer
I have been using FXT for months with great success. I run a very large orchestral template using 5 computers, including all kinds of commercially available and custom libraries. The performance is rock solid, with an overall latency that is unnoticable. It is unbelievable to hit play on my sequencer, and hear a 100 track arrangement play in perfect real time, knowing that 80 of those tracks are actually being played by the servers. When I play a remote VSTi, it feels exactly the same as if it were running on my main machine. I have the luxury of forgetting about the technology behind all this and just composing. I don't even want to think of the huge MIDI/audio routing setup I would have to deal with if I didn't have FXT. And it's all integrated within my sequencer! I just hit bounce when I have finished the composition, and out comes the combined sound of all five computers, with no fuss at all. I highly recomend this software to anyone who needs more power than just one computer can offer.
Main Sequencer DAW: CUBASE SX, Windows XP, ASUS P4B266-SE, P4 2.0Ghz, 1 gig 266 RAM, 2 x 80gb Seagate (8mb cache), RME Hammerfall 96/52, UAD-1 dsp card
FOUR (4) server computers for FXF (all identical): Windows XP, ASUS P4P800, P4 2.4Ghz, 2 gigs of 333 RAM, 80gb seagate (8mb cache), No soundcard!!

German online magazine Amazona.de Full review
The way the program was dome is utterly convincing. It is very easy to use and integrates istself seamlessly within the vst-environment. There are no distractions related to overdone graphics and the user is not bothered by feature-overkill. After a short and problem free installation procedure you can go ahead click-and-go style in no time. (...) As far as expanding the core cpu-performance is concerned, FX Teleport beats Steinberg's VST System Link quite easily, due to the fact of it being much easier to handle and almost requiring no additional effort. (...) I especially liked being able to work with only a single project file and without even having to think about the additional computers. (...) Indeed, FX Teleport makes it possible to integrate further computers to share the load in a few steps. (...) The way the program was done is utterly convincing, operation is smooth - and incredibly handy. (...) I've rarely been this convinced and excited by a piece of software within this price range.

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Danny Lux, TV composer:
This product has changed the way I work. (...) I run about 30 to 40 VSTi's on FXT machines. (...) I am using FXT on every project right now... >>>

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